Osmo Nadir

Rhythm 1 on vimeo

'Rhythm 1 (Lifetime of an Organism)' is a challenging piece that confronts you with the simplest truths.

Probably the most challenging of the Rhythms series, Rhythm 1 is now open for viewing on vimeo. Rhythms is a series of kinetic-sound works introducing new medium which engulfs kinetic art and sound. Precisely levelled mechanical compositions driven by electrical engines tell their unique stories with sound and motion.

Rhythm 1, available here, confronts you with the two illusions: an anthropocentric myth that elevates man above the animal kingdom and other living organisms. The second is the illusion of life as a linear narrative. We are extremely attached to closed narrative forms. However, this is not the case in real life. Death comes unexpectedly, finding us in the midst of chaos of unfinished issues and unrealised goals. Bringing life to the form of a timeline, human life is equalised with the life of a dog, a microbe or a robot.

Rhythm 1 was presented as a part of exhibition Ten pieces about Space in Białystok, Poland (14 May – 6 Jun 2017). A newer version was exhibited at KNAF: Leszek Knaflewski’s Award in Poznań (Oct – Nov 2018) , where it received a special mention.


by Osmo Nadir 20 June 2016