Osmo Nadir

Say hello to Laser Spindle

New instrument joins the family

Laser Spindle is a new performative instrument that has just seen the light of day. The pair of tools that make the Laser Spindle system is cut out from alloy of prehistoric minerals and communicates wirelessly over 2,4 GHz radio waves.

The laser spindle is a continuation of a project that I started some years ago and thanks to the funding from my town of origin, it saw the light of day in their most noble form. These two babies were created in difficult times – in the midst of the rampant pandemic and the harsh political reality of Poland’s crypto-autocratic rule.

These two tools, cut out from brass and aluminum communicate over Bluetooth and are fixed with batteries allowing for 12 hours of constant use.


Laser spindle can be operated by tilting, shaking and moving around. The computer then receives the data from sensors sent over Bluetooth and translates it to sound. It can be also fixed to a tripod and used in a fashion similar to a theremin. Tool one is equipped with an ultrasonic range finder and a laser, while tool two, with a tilt sensor.

The project was made possible thanks to the artistic grant of the Mayor of Białystok.


by Osmo Nadir 23 December 2020