Osmo Nadir

Osmo Nadir

Audiovisual artist and aesthetics of the future

Osmo Nadir is an audiovisual artist and composer born in Podlasie, Poland. Based in the Eastern Pyrenees, he focuses on creating multi-sensory experiences merging the worlds of sound, vision, space and motion.


“In my works I oppose the anthropocentric humanism which attributes a special role to man in the cosmos, elevating him above the animal kingdom. This attitude is as demanding as it is ignorant. I object to the concept of nations, which seeks to perpetuate divisions and slows down the formation of a global society capable of facing worldwide problems. I believe in chaos. I am an evangelist of evolution, a declared feminist, an advocate of equality, diversity and unobstructed migration and information flow. Only then I am a radical abstractionist. I devote a lot of attention to synthesising thoughts into the simplest, clearest and most engaging form possible.”

Osmo Nadir

Sound machines and instruments

During his studies at the Design Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Nadir began to work on an audiovisual laboratory merging the worlds of sound, design and performance. The machine is equipped with a number of exceptional instruments (a Laser String, a tilt-sensitive Spindle and a Pendulum to name a few) for producing and modulating sound on stage. The premiere show was held at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw. In 2015, the Third Programme of the Polish Radio awarded him with the prestigious “Talent” prize for his achievements in the field of audiovisual arts. Osmo Nadir uses his knowledge in the field of design along with his artistic background to define new creative realities, away from traditional tools or instruments. His distinctive sound – minimalistic, yet full of motion-controlled oscillations and dreamy melodies, is the result of the cooperation of man and machine in a precisely customised environment.


Motion and kinetic installations

“I see huge potential in kinetic art as a medium. Together with sound and precisely adjusted space, motion translates verbal messages into powerful multi-sensory experience.”

Rhythm 1 is one of the most recent kinetic-sound installations by Osmo Nadir. The work confronts you with two of the greatest illusions of human civilisation. The first is an anthropocentric myth that elevates man above the kingdom of other living organisms. The second is the illusion of life as a linear narrative. We are extremely attached to closed narrative forms which contain a beginning, middle and end. However, this is not the case in real life. Death comes unexpectedly, finding us in the midst of chaos of unfinished issues and unrealised goals. Bringing life to the form of a timeline equals human life with the life of a dog, a microbe or a robot.


Singularity LP

Singularity, called “the first ambient record in history to have ever resounded on the Antipodes Islands”, is the debut full-length album by Osmo Nadir. The record, released in November 2015, was listed among “Tartine de Contrebasse’s” Top 30 independent releases of 2015 (“The thing we should have talked about in 2015”) and keeps astounding audiences around the world. While Nadir continues to tour in support of Singularity LP, in the meantime he is finishing the work on new album which is to be released this autumn.

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