Osmo Nadir

Rhythm 1 now online

The most challenging piece of all now available online!

'Rhythm 1', called 'The Lifetime of One Organism' is a piece that challenges you to rethink the world by confronting you with the simplest of truths.

The most challenging of Rhythms is now open for intimate viewing over internet. Rhythms is a series of kinetic-sound works by Osmo Nadir, introducing a completely new medium engulfing kinetic art, design, illustration and sound. Precisely levelled mechanical compositions driven by electrical engines tell their unique stories with sound and motion.

If haiku had a physical form, it would look like the ‘Rhythms’

While the pieces are indeed like electrically powered haiku poems, enclosed in pleasing minimalist cases, their message can be extremely powerful, like that of Rhythm 1, called The Lifetime of One Organisms. Rhythm 1, available here, confronts you with the most cruel of truths and leaves you alone. It’s severly disturbing and peaceful at the same time.


Rhythm 1 was presented as a part of exhibition Ten pieces about Space in Białystok, Poland (14 May – 6 June 2017).


by Osmo Nadir 20 June 2016